Anarchy Is Not The Death Of The West

July 18th, 2014
Anarchy is not the bottom of the totem pole. It is not degradation. Anarchy is when both the totem pole and degradation are overthrown. There seems to be a common misconception that anarchy = anarchism and this idea gets more and more popular as the definition of anarchy turns more and more into the definition of anarchism. In other words, socialized anarchy, or the Karl Marx collective next door. Anarchy lite. Anarchy is not a liberal jungle or a child commune. Anarchy is not a punk militia. Anarchy rejects these governments. Anarchy is the natural state without the modernized cultural spin. It is what we truly are and how we actually behave. Some people will say that anarchy is not practical but anarchy is the only practical form of interaction around us because anarchy is human nature. People seek to hide this from us like children by creating governments and imposing concepts like democracy and tyranny and socialism. Anarchy is the visceral expression of our rotten core. This is explained by Max Stirner in The Ego and His Own in which he clearly points out that being ruled by the people is no different from being ruled by the state. Control is control and a society ruled by a popular majority is simply not anarchy. Anarcho-collectivism is bunk.

“Anarchy is not the death of the west. Anarchy is our nature and therefore obliterates all forms of governments and social paradigms.”

For ages scholars and academics have tried to turn anarchy into anarchism to give it a friendlier PC meaning. They refer to a cooperative anarchist society in which people mutually work together which sounds a lot nicer than utter and complete freedom. It’s not like anarcho-collectivism sounds like the worst thing in the world, (well actually it does sound pretty bad) but it would be nice if people would stop mistaking it for anarchy. In Anarchy After Leftism: a Farewell to the Anarchy that Was! Bob Black explains this pretty well. He calls out Murray Bookchin’s social-ecology-anarchy as being a system in itself. He deconstructs the modern left as being a governing social order. Anarcho-leftism, anarcho-collectivism, anarcho-communism, and anarchism are all misleading terms. They do not describe anarchy but mini-governments. Emma Goldman was not an anarchist. Anarchy is not anarchism. Saying anarchy is “even lower than socialism” is like saying hacking is “even lower than Windows OS.” There is a massive logical fallacy here. Anarchy is not liberal decay because anarchy is not liberal. Anarchy is not the death of the west. Anarchy is our nature and therefore obliterates all forms of governments and social paradigms. Even if we are tyrants inside (and I am inclined to believe that we are) we are still anarchists at our very root. It is through our anarchist nature that we are able to create whatever sense of order or disorder we desire. There are no rules. Anarchy came first.

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