You Would Do Your Will

September 26, 2012

By Rachel Haywire

What if natural law rendered it so you were a woman? What if natural law rendered it so you were Jewish? What would you do in this situation? Probably your will.

Picture yourself in this situation for a moment. You would become a rabid feminist and use sex appeal to control all the men around you. You would become a hardcore Zionist and fight for your nation because might equals right. Don’t try to deny it for a second. Code of honor amongst individualists and intellectuals. You would do your will.

The feminists are all trying to chop off your dicks. Israel is oppressing you. Poor little male existentialist victim. You sound like an oppressed moron and have become the PC culture that you despise. Why are you hating people for abiding by the rules of the jungle which you, dear enlightened male, are so enamored with? You cry because you are being oppressed by the iron fists of feminism and Zionism.

This article is for you.

Survival of the fittest means that anybody, and yes that means anybody, can rape/kill/destroy/control anyone else through human functions of power and opportunity. This means that anyone can make you feel like a pathetic insect despite your knowledge of esoteric nationalism. Even liberals and progressives who have not left-the-left can control you with their predatory instincts. Why are you so butthurt about this?

I understand that your causes are very important and that Europa is dead. We are all weeping with our trendy runes and whatnot. You are preserving your culture by stopping the decay and filth of [well you get the point] and these feminists are just too hardcore. Why do you sound like you are at a bad hipster protest?

You would do your will. This is a reaction against your reaction. You have become the oppressed. I am not saying that you are a weak subhuman who is asking to be stomped on. I am simply stating that a jungle is a jungle and that nationalism is nationalism. What is so hard to comprehend about this concept? Maybe you deserve to be slapped like a bitch.

We have accepted that the head of the KKK has more in common with the head of the Black Panthers than all those college students holding hands on Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue. Can we not, by extension of this uber-divine awareness, accept that the intellectual subgroups of the white nationalist community would do their will if they were Jewish women?

As people who have left-the-left, we should know better than to condemn fellow travelers who wish to assert themselves in this land of blood and honor.

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