As a white man, I call upon people to reject both white nationalism and academic anti-white rhetoric.

The term “leftist” as it is used in this essay does not refer to leftist economic theory. Rather, it refers to modern leftist rhetoric which is dominated by race consciousness. This race consciousness promoted by leftists, though it did not craft white nationalism, has created a fertile climate for white nationalism to incubate.

The predominance of race consciousness in the public discourse is an indicator of the decay of the intellectual life of American society. Mental decay is marked by complex ideas being replaced by simple ones. An indicator that European intellectual life was decaying after the age of The Roman Empire was that the complexity of Latin and its grammar was being replaced by Romance languages that have simpler grammar (e.g., Italian, French, and Spanish).

With the reduction in the complexity of the language, the civilization itself regressed into what is known today as the Dark Ages. These times did achieve some remarkable philosophy, but the civilization as a whole was of low value compared to The Roman Empire.

Intellectual decay is evident in a number of things currently. One of the indicators is that leftist analysis of society has, in large part, given up on a nuanced analysis of class issues; replacing such analysis with crude remarks on race. These remarks on race have been growing more and more simplistic with each passing year.

White people are being discussed as though they are a single social class, but white people are divided along tribalistic lines. White marijuana growers living in Humboldt County rarely have common cause with white police officers, and they oftentimes find more solidarity with people involved in the same business who may be racially different from them. White plumbers do not have the same interests as someone like Bill Gates.

When people are in school, race can be a factor in socialization, but generally the race factor is superseded by ones hobbies and taste in music. There are cliques arranged according to jocks, nerds, freaks, and so on. People are inherently tribalistic, rather than racialistic. The natural default is to look for people who have similar hobbies and who are engaged in the same type of work. People tend to bond along these lines and organize into interest groups based on this paradigm. If race plays a factor, it is a minor one.

However, the educators are promoting race consciousness in the form of anti-white leftist propaganda. There is an agenda among educators and leftists to promote race consciousness in people. Normally, people are mildly race conscious. They are aware of cultural differences and some other tendencies, but they don’t make race consciousness the primary feature of their worldview. It tends to slightly factor into some considerations while, for the most part, other aspects of people play a larger role in the way one sees the world and society. This is the normal default. The only way this default perception of the world can be disrupted is through education. Or perhaps a better word is indoctrination.

America has been making mistakes for a long time. Why should we believe them when they say: “Hold on, we were wrong about the way we did things before, but now we got it all figured out and we are going to set things right.” It is clear from history that they have been mishandling domestic social policies for ages, and that anyone with half a brain is going to see that the people who caused the problems in the first place are not going to come up with competent solutions. They are simply going to come up with solutions that create more problems. Like the war in Iraq. The educational system in America is really causing a great deal of damage to society by making race so important. Race should not hold that position in social discourse.

If we look at what is happening on the Internet presently with white nationalism becoming a louder phenomenon than it once was, it is clear what is transpiring. Americans who live in a world of propaganda are being led to counter-propaganda, and they are being led to believe that the counter-propaganda is in fact truth, when in reality the white nationalist counter-propaganda is merely the mirror image of the anti-white leftist propaganda. It is essentially abstractions built upon abstractions. Racial propaganda, whether right-wing or left-wing, feels clean when you read it; but it feels clean because it has lost touch with the gritty nature of reality. It is pure ivory tower abstraction,

Furthermore, I would not blame someone for believing that left-wing, anti-white propagandists are actually involved in a conspiracy to drive whites, and white men in particular, to white nationalism. The prevailing social discourse on race appears as though it is designed to drive white people insane. Like breeds like. The insanity of white nationalism is the offspring of left-wing, anti-white insanity. It is not a mark of freedom, though, to respond to force with the equal and opposite reaction. It is a sign one is an enslaved stimulus response mechanism. The rational woman and the rational man are able to observe what is being said without reacting, roll it around in their minds, take other things into consideration, and then arrive at a final judgement. Mindlessly reacting is a recipe for disaster.

When there are revolutions, moderates are regularly overrun by the extremists. This is why, when it comes to the racial discourse, rather than people being moderate, we need people who are radically moderate. We need extreme moderates to counteract the other extremists.

We must resist the efforts of those crafting the cultural narrative to lobotomize us with their simplistic explanations of things, and their resorting to crude classifications. American culture, at its core, has always been anti-intellectual, and the pseudo-intellectual culture of the land is evidence of this. Being a true dissident means rejecting simplistic explanations when it comes to race, being a radical moderate who is attentive to nuance, and having a balanced perspective which places an emphasis on both nature and culture when it comes to analysis of individuals and population groups.

As a white man, I call upon people to reject both white nationalism and academic anti-white rhetoric. Even if much of society has been drawn into the gravitational pull caused by the thought-mass of collective concern for these racial matters, I implore you to resist that pull. Think in terms of your personal history. Who are the individuals who have been your friends and who have been your enemies?

Tribalism means being loyal to your friends. It does not mean being loyal to or antagonistic toward an indiscriminate mass of people identified by their skin color. Do not make race the primary feature of your analysis of society. There are so many more intricacies regarding social organization that are fulfilling to analyze.

Do not allow anyone to place you into a state of amnesia regarding your personal history through their idiotic racial narrative.

Keith Doiron is news-junkie who enjoys history, paranormal subjects, psychology, and sociology. He works as an accountant for a small business on the East Coast. Keith despises the domination of American intellectual life by agendas decided upon via Academia and Media.