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Many people involved in tech culture have grown increasingly sick of the politically correct air of new media journalism. They are hungering for something bold and refreshing, and would like access to a space of like-minded individuals who are unafraid to speak their minds. Trigger Warning offers you direct participation in this rapidly growing and highly influential new community. We are the next edge that the mainstream media warned you about.

Rachel Haywire, Trigger Warning CEO

As with the scientific method, seeking the truth must first begin with the questioning of one’s own beliefs and the testing of one’s preparedness to overturn them when evidence calls for it. Too few publications today are willing to do that, instead settling for a comfortable narrative. We intend to be different. We seek not only to challenge ourselves, but to likewise persuade people to think, to open their minds to unusual possibilities, and to entertain new ideas even if they do not ultimately accept them. That is the essence of what Trigger Warning is all about.

Krista Milburn, Editor