Finding a new delivery system is paramount if we are to survive and overcome the systematic conquest of Cultural Marxism.

A Critique of Certain Elements in the Evolving Counter-Narrative

It only took the first ten minutes of viewing Cultural Marxism: the Corruption of America, before I witnessed the perennial problem in advancing the counter-narrative via not only rearing its ugly head but obnoxiously vying for prominence.

As usual, in the midst of a counter-narrative illustrating important points we sorely need to recognize in our present era, someone just has to try to sneak in a religious angle. Specifically, an abramic monotheism religious angle. Someone just must try, yet again, to give abramic monotheism center stage and make it central to the counter-narrative. The recognition that abramic monotheism  is toxic and false is not the issue here at all, and is a separate concern from that of the “long march” of Cultural Marxism.

It is not the deconstruction and dismantling of the all-pervading inherent abusiveness and hypocrisy of an imaginary “benevolent” tyranny that is the problem. It is the erosion and usurpation of solid core values, human values, which nature herself conveys. No religion is required to perceive those as they are — only open eyes, observation, and the ability to trace effects back to causes. No religion exclusively owns, or can claim ownership or origin of, these values; they are the products of human evolution, and exist in some form throughout history and in diverse cultures.

The family unit was not invented by abramic monotheism  in any of its three major forms — it is the product of biological reproduction. Different species have different ways of producing and caretaking their young to adulthood. Some species thrust them out to fend for themselves, almost as soon as they are born. This is what produces fitness for survival in that species. Our species understands that we grow more slowly and require far more tutelage and attention to enable our young to succeed.

It takes 12-14 years on average for nature herself  to decide it’s time to physically develop into adulthood, and the rest of those years until legal adulthood are meant for adult-level training (not prolonging childhood) for the adolescent to learn to navigate adult-sized decisions and responsibilities before he or she must take them fully upon himself or herself. Different societies may do this at different times or adjust the timetable, but nature herself  bestows that timetable physically; we just organize our child-rearing around it.

Fatherhood is important because no matter how great or wise a mother’s love, the one thing a mother cannot teach a son is how to be a man. Only a man knows how to be a man. A daughter’s first template for how a man should treat a woman comes from her father. This, too, is a product of nature; not of religion, dogma, creed, faith, or political & social systems of thought.

Different species evolve to succeed, survive, and thrive through different means. Some species are predatory and fiercely competitive. Others are cooperative and hive-minded. Still others travel in “packs” or their own equivalent to tribes and communities. The human species is unique in that we blend some measure of all these elements (and more) into forming a successful pattern for life. We require competition for strength and survival. We require cooperation for maximum success and thriving. We require socialization and belonging to make each work to our best advantage. And for that to remain stable and viable, we require a system of values.

The values we require are not the sole province of religion or “secularism” as a philosophy. They are human values. They are values because they are what time and testing have proven to work for our advantage and best health.

The idea that we should treat one another with respect, for example, or that hard work is good for us even if we chafe at it; that things worth doing are worth doing well, that loyalty to family, tribe, community and country are important, that “giving back” to the community matters, that our advantages should be put to some degree toward lifting our disadvantaged fellow men and women to a place where they, too, may be better equipped for self-sufficiency and success — all these values and more were not birthed by declaring them as such. They were not created by pronouncements. They were tested, tried, and observed in the arena of life itself; and because of their viability, became watchwords and proverbs in the vehicles of information conveyance our species chose.

Religion is one of those vehicles, or can be; but so can fables, morality plays, little lessons in civic virtue in school, and most importantly of all, modeling of these values in action by adults in their daily life. Children learn by example. Older myths and fables, traditions and practices, can convey these values as well, perhaps even more profoundly because they were rooted in ancient societies long before abramic monotheism  – Christianity specifically – came on the scene or conquered some land and its people, and they will remain long after our love affair with dogmatically-mandated self-loathing and the confusion of abuse with love and monolithic tyranny with benevolence has died the horrible screaming death it deserves.

Abramic monotheism  is not necessary for any of the above to flourish, and its exposure and dismantling is not to blame for Cultural Marxism overtaking Western civilization. What is to blame is centuries of religious addiction and dependency precipitating an egregious inability to secure for ourselves solid reasons for adopting and passing along these human values conveyed by nature and experience; in the absence of religious dogma and the poison of the fear, guilt, and self-loathing it employs in its poor delivery.

Finding a new delivery system is paramount if we are to survive and overcome the systematic conquest of Cultural Marxism. If we don’t start waking up and seeing this, instead of bickering about it or arguing against it, our doom and downfall will be upon our own heads, attributable to our own stubborn clinging to that addiction and willful ignorance of the truth.

Time to toss the filthy bathwater already. The baby is well-cleansed, dried off, out of the tub, and no longer there to preserve.

Agent 156 is an incarnate archetype who volunteered for experimental egregore-curated DNA-encoding in the latter half of the 20th Century to fulfill an ancient promise to Her Beloved.  In the human world she works as a mobile & web engineer for a northern California university, and promotes the Senatorial candidacy of Libertarian Augustus Invictus.