Sociopaths are bound by their puppetmaster reality tunnels, and cannot imagine a world in which they are not pulling the strings.

The person with the most flexibility of behavior will control the system.

According to Neuro-Linguistic Programming, this is the Law of Requisite Variety. The more options you have, the more moves you can make. At first this appears to be a game rigged in favor of the sociopath, as sociopaths are not bound by emotional reactions or moralistic impulses. Yet here is a rhetorical question. Do sociopaths have the visceral passion that is only possible in non-sociopaths?

Sociopaths may be able to imitate emotion, but as they very well know, they are missing a human core. Most people can tell that they are a bit “too perfect.” They do not possess the capacity to display emotional weakness, as they do not experience it in the first place. At best, they have the capacity to emulate it. Trapped in the modality of superficial perfection, they cannot build rapport with anyone who is able to recognize them for an actor. They conceal their flaws to the point of a dull emptiness that permeates their very essence.

Nothing is there.

Sociopaths see others as their personal toys. What they cannot see is another worldview. They are bound by their puppetmaster reality tunnels, and cannot imagine a world in which they are not pulling the strings. This leaves them confined to a coma in which the only option they have is to pull the strings. That. Is. It.

Sounds kind of boring, no?

Sociopaths cannot sit back and relax, as they are always directing the circus. They are constantly the ringmaster, participating in the very spectacle that they are unable to leave. They cannot let go of their own simulation.

As a wise person once told me, sociopathy is just another modality. If you cannot see outside of it, you are stuck inside of its trap. The Patrick Bateman’s of our society cannot truly indulge in the pleasures of human experience. All they have is their emulations and social engineering projects. Sociopaths cannot move anyone who understands their tactics, which is why they only want people beneath them around. Their desire to be “the worst person in the room” is created by a fear of others like themselves. It is a lonely and miserable existence.

Whether the sociopath is a social justice millionaire or dark enlightenment pseudo cult-leader, the sociopath is limited by their neurotic lack of humanity. The only proper response to a sociopath is complete and total mastery over them. That is their reality tunnel, so we might as well respect it. We should strive to view sociopaths as sociopaths view others. Sociopaths should become our personal playthings.

By mirroring their games of puppet mastery, we can explore the modality of sociopathy for the fascinating coma that it is. Somewhat exciting, and occasionally entertaining, yet completely debilitating in terms of emotional or moral strategy.

Rachel Haywire is the Founder of Trigger Warning, and your hostess for the new cultural renaissance. She is a writer, artist, musician, and model. Recently she founded the INSTED festival, and is best known for her work in the fields of transhumanism and alternative media. She currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.