I am not a woman in tech.

By Rachel Haywire

I am not a woman in tech. My project was rejected because I forgot to include a trigger warning. My boots weren’t created by the right Etsy designer. My necklace was not cruelty-free. I wasn’t invited to the “Top 100 Influential Female Entrepreneurs” party. I am not a woman in tech.

The Anarcho-Futurist Manifesto

By a Group of Anarcho-Futurists (1919)

Fly into the streets! All who are still fresh and young and not dehumanized – to the streets! The pot-bellied mortar of laughter stands in a square drunk with joy.

The Rationality of Catastrophizing

By Sarah Perry

One of the cognitive distortions identified by cognitive-behavioral therapists is catastrophizing - the tendency to worry about something uncertain, and then immediately update toward believing that the worst possible outcome is true.

Let’s transcend the “isms.”

By Hannah Haddix

Feminism is a dirty word. It conjures the same connotations as racism, classism, ageism, or otherwise identifying “isms.”

The Economics of ‘Slut-Shaming’

By Andrea Castillo

From the prim Puritan vengeance wracked upon the steadfast Hester Prynne to the targeted sexual critique of Ke$ha’s (self-described) “positive, fun” music, libidinous ladies can never seem to get much of a break.

The Official Neoreactionary Quiz

By Rachel Haywire

Find out what type of neoreactionary you are!