No thank you, juridical persons and gentlemen. I have called out the poverty of your overrated logic and I have called forth the Passionate Renaissance.

We speak not strictly and philosophically when we talk of the combat of passion and of reason. Reason is, and ought only to be the slave of the passions, and can never pretend to any other office than to serve and obey them.

David Hume | A Treatise of Human Nature (1738-40)

Logic is overrated. Logic is so not the Current Year. It is now time for us to get passionate. As per Georges Sorel: It is the myths that mobilize us, not objective facts as defined and confirmed by a neoliberal paradigm, which but designates “truth” as that which can be made profitable and help to further and perpetuate the global machinations of capitalism: whatever makes homo oeconomicus produce or consume increasingly, that is Truth. All else is “fake news.”

[Myths] are not descriptions of things, but expressions of a determination to act. A myth cannot be refuted since it is, at bottom, identical with the convictions of a group, being the expression of these convictions in the language of movement.

Georges Sorel | Reflections on Violence (1908)

I bugger logic, like how Deleuze buggered his predecessors in the polished history of Western philosophy. Have you ever noticed how most people claiming to be into philosophy aren’t really philosophical, and just like to regurgitate what ancient Greek sodomites and French wine-sipping, chain-smoking charlatans had to say about everything? It’s all just a way to impress those art hoes with how erudite and oh-so-sophisticated they are.

Even contemporary fans of philosophy aren’t logical, except logicians and students and scholars of rhetoric who need to make sure their reasonings and arguments aren’t sprinkled with fallacies nor logically incoherent. Guess what? They are the same losers and “incels” that the mainstream media currently pretend to give a damn about. So who really gives a damn anyway? Not me, that’s for sure; me ne frega un cazzo as we say over here in my little expatriate enclave of decadent bohemians in the very core of this fallen imperium.

I hope you hang yourself with your H&M scarf
While jacking off listening to Mozart
You bitch and moan about LA
Wishing you were in the rain reading Hemingway
You don’t eat meat
And drive electrical cars
You’re so indie rock it’s almost an art
You need SPF 45 just to stay alive

-Katy Perry | Ur So Gay (2007)

What the world needs right now—and I mean right now more than ever—is a Passionate Renaissance. It needs a Mythic Palingenesis. It needs a Retrograde Romanticism. We must rise above the pretensions and academic impenetrability of Postmodernism and its latter-day enfants terrible at the Humanities all over the “multitude” of universities, which ultimately form (to attempt some Marxist blitz-analysis of it) the ideological superstructure of the logistical base of liquid-modern Capitalism; which is Neoliberalism in the outer trappings of fashionable nonsense.

No thank you, juridical persons and gentlemen. I have called out the poverty of your overrated logic and I have called forth the Passionate Renaissance. As we all know, a renaissance man knows no compartmentalization nor specialization. Contrary to your most loyal opposition the English Literature Professor, I will be “interdisciplinary” in my own way.

The Twilight of the Gods never was as long as Man. The Gods always survive by any other shape, even if not acknowledged as such. This is the true Crisis of the Modern World that René Guénon wrote about: the futile unacknowledgement of an indispensable part of our very being, and our becoming manifest of our Destiny in the stars above.

Hello World. Expect us. The Passionate Renaissance.

Let’s get dangerous.

Jason Stevenson is the scion of an explosive Deleuzian sodomy of the North American Deadpool by the Eastern European Dr. Doom, on the Symbolic Order as per Jacques Lacan. A fallen radical, Stevenson has become a secular nephilim: one foot in regular society, and the other in Bizarre Adventures.