The Pros and Cons of Child Abuse

By Rachel Haywire and Ann Sterzinger

Is having a nightmarish relationship with your parents an advantage in later life? Maybe! Let’s look at the pros and cons of being the progeny of people who should have been mercy-sterilized.

Girl Creeps and Boy Pussies

By Roxxi Wallace

Why are strange women perceived as overly aggressive creeps while strange men are perceived as weak pussies?

Generation Hugbox

By Natasha Maria Phoenix

Some have called it “political correctness.” I find this phrase overused and meaningless. What we are witnessing is a passive totalitarian control of the public discourse.

hex-md-40Slavery Forever!

By James LaFond

Today we are no longer starved, worked, or beaten to death. Instead we are indoctrinated into the sacral cult of our servitude.


Your Stupid Questions Have No Answers: Martin van Creveld vs. the Chimera of Equality

By Ann Sterzinger

Why must there be a morally decent way to order a society of creatures who evolved through nature red in tooth and claw?

My Ego Versus Your Life

By JM Dunkelheit

Mental issues can be as dangerous as physical ones, and as a society we so frequently treat them as less important. We do not appreciate that a wound is a wound and a death is a death, regardless of how they happened.

hex-md-50Live Human Vessels

By Eian Orange

We pursue our nourishment from live human vessels and their distant cousins the mouth-breathing meme-aliens. Both suffer us in a similar fashion and both will suffice in the edification of their operators.

hex-md-48Why Pretty Girls Hate Being Asked Out on Dates by Nerds

By James Miller

After agonizing for months about whether to take the risk, a shy high school nerd asks out the pretty girl from his English class who, by the luck of random seat assignments, sits next to him. She reacts with visible disgust, considering the nerd’s excessively polite request sexual harassment.

hex-md-49That Lonely Path

By Arin Laurie

We are the little gods, the sin-eaters, the fallen angels, and the men and woman mad with passion and glory. Our loneliness is the ship that sails us to strange destinations, magical worlds, luminous gardens, and even the most desolate planes of the soul.