hex-md-30 The Counterculture Is Better In The Suburbs

By Rachel Haywire

When there are only 5 other people in your entire city who “get it” you tend to get creative, start a fantastic cult, and plot world domination. It is the sense of alienation that connects people in the suburbs, and it is through this alienation that new subcultures, tribes, and species are defined.

hex-md-21Basic Prey

By Eian Orange

Oh, my sweet, your darker stride leaves too many stains. You have no more than simple mojo pumping through those veins. Are you in control? Or do they rule your waking world? Fantasy time has come to a drastic end, little girl.

hex-md-31Transhumanism: In the Belly of the Simulacrum

By Natasha Maria Phoenix

The excitement found in chaos, in fragmentation, in decentralization, is the never ending opportunities presented. Stasis is nonexistent. The world is a dynamic pulsating network which increasingly transcends government and corporation.

hex-md-29Genealogy of a Becoming-Revolutionary, One

By Mark Dyal

Authenticity as order-word. Revolution as order-word. What does it take for either word to make sense? How many assumptions of the relationship between mind and body/conception and world? What is the purpose of language? Can language’s purpose in a bourgeois world be subverted?

Respecting and Erasing

By Sarah Perry

Eventually, blind people begin to come for the tour. Eventually, of course, the war is over and the paintings are replaced, but the blind people never come back, and people don’t pay quite as much attention as before.

New Atheism, Moral Orders, and the Psychology of Sanctity

By Andrea Castillo

The liberalizing aftershocks of the Enlightenment provided atheists at last with a bit of breathing room to air their heretofore enveloped theses on the power and inefficacy of Big Religion. And air they did!