In the New World, there are no beauty standards. Beauty pageants are banned. There is no ideal of beauty, and all bodies are equally beautiful.

Welcome to the New World.

Relax, listen, do not interrupt, do not raise your hand for questions, do not form an opinion, do not speak. Listen only. Any other act will be taken as a microaggressive movement and you will be promptly neutralized.

We will tell you what to think, what to feel, and what to care about.

In the New World, there are no beauty standards. Beauty pageants are banned. There is no ideal of beauty, and all bodies are equally beautiful. Specifying body measurement is illegal. Discussing the detrimental effects of obesity is strictly forbidden. There is no such thing as ugly or unattractive. There is only pretty and beautiful. Personal sexual or aesthetic preferences are forbidden. No matter the ethnicity, weight, features, body type, hair or clothing; you must confess admiration and attraction.

In the New World, males must keep their eyes shifted downward. They must never make eye contact with a female without first asking consent. Two individuals must never have sexual relations until they have signed an intricate paper contract describing—in detail—what is allowed and not allowed. Vaginal penetration is highly frowned upon and openly discouraged. Men are never allowed to make an intimate advance, not even a kiss. Only females and the gender nonconforming can make the initiating move. Only gender neutral pronouns are allowed, and a citizen must wear a nametag at all times displaying their preferred pronoun.

In the New World, every history class session begins with an extensive apology to every minority that has ever been exploited. Recently it has become law that the study or mention of DWEM (Dead White European Males) are absolutely forbidden, and violating this law is punishable by extreme shame. Academia has removed DWEM content from course material and textbooks due to its cause of extreme guilt and triggering of unpleasant emotions. The history of Western Civilization and subjects thereof are to be kept brief, prefaced with extensive apologies, and mentioned only in necessary relation to other cultures and non-Western topics of study.

In the New World, both film and video games are devoid of violence and gratuitous sexual material. The content is a spectrum of ‘soft’ subject matter such as love, the joys of social fairness, the contentment of peace, self-acceptance, and other egalitarian virtues. Music and other art mediums must also conform to these standards. Your language must only contain ‘soft’ adjectives and tones. Harsh words or phrasing which may cause harm to one’s feelings are not accepted. Be it social media, in the streets, at the jobplace, or in class; the only vocabulary accepted is SOFTSPEECH. It will take time, but you will conform and eventually even your thoughts will replicate it.

In the New World, laws and norms are enforced by the Privilege Police. Citizens are encouraged to report anyone who violates social laws or discursive practices. Citizens are encouraged to shame anyone who deviates in action or word from the accepted discourse. Citizens are rewarded for turning in and shaming violators. Their names will be acknowledged in the public news due to their Social Righteousness. If a citizen has multiples infractions they are reeducated through Social Fairness courses, and a bold UC  is tattooed upon their forehead. This stands for UNCHECKED PRIVILEGED. This will notify fellow citizens to remind the infringer to ‘check their privilege,’ to apologize, to learn humility, and to shame them on a continual basis. It is only through a community effort that an infringer can be reeducated in SOFTSPEAK and Social Fairness.

In the New World, cultural appropriation is prohibited. Ethnic groups must only express cultural demonstrations of their own ethnicities. The only exception is through thorough consent by the Diversity Council in the form of a precise and detailed contract specifying the agreed upon allowance. The Diversity Council has also mandated specified SAFE SPACES that are assigned to a particular ethnicity, POC, sexual preference, and gender identity (this excludes male-only space, which is neither protected nor permitted). It is only by means of forcefully sanctioned and protected segregation of SAFE SPACES that diversity can flourish.

In the New World, all citizens are required to watch Socially Righteous News. This is imperative to your social and political functioning. Socially Righteous News will tell you what you should and shouldn’t care about. This is based upon Social Fairness. No longer are First World Nations a priority. It is the responsibility of First World Nations to selflessly self-sacrifice to struggling regions before thinking about their own. The self-interest of First World Nations come last and must never be held to a high esteem. As a citizen, it is your duty to care about what you are told to care about. Before the school or workday begins, it is your duty to recite the Official Extensive Apology which apologizes to a list of minorities who have been exploited and done unfairly. This list varies due to ones background and birth.

In the New World, there are no religions. There is only Secular Universalism; which embraces Love, Diversity, and Fairness. Cultural differentiation is accepted as long as its values conform to Secular Universalism. Diversity in dress, song, food, and so forth are to be celebrated as long as they are within the dictates of Social Righteousness. They must also be under the jurisdiction of Privilege Policing and SOFTSPEECH. Diversity is highly valuable, and each culture is perfectly equal in value to the next.

In the New World, we at Socially Righteous News and Diversity Council are working tirelessly to form One World, One Humanity, and One Government in the name of COSMOPOLITAN HUMANITARIANISM. It is an arduous effort which requires citizens like YOU to educate the ignorant, shame the unruly, and ensure that tomorrow will be another step closer to ending privilege.

Apologize daily. Feel shame often. Check your privilege. Be righteous always.

—-Welcome to the New World. Please enjoy your stay.—

Natasha Maria Phoenix is the Community Manager of Trigger Warning. She is a cinephile, occultist, and aspiring writer with a specific interest in pessimism, antihumanism, and horror fiction. She enjoys long romantic walks through the abyss. She blogs here.