Find out the top 10 signs your child may be alt–right here!

Are you worried that your child may be alt-right? There’s a good chance they have may have already gone down this extremely dark path. Find out the top 10 signs your child may be alt-right here!

1. When you ask them to get up for school in the morning, they tell you that their school is a brainwashing camp for social justice warriors, and ask if they can go to a private school that doesn’t support white genocide.

2. You find suspicious amounts of pornographic anime on their hard-drive marked as “degenerate.”

3. When you ask them about their friends, they tell you that their friends are their “fam” and proceed to talk about “dank memes.” Meanwhile, they never have any of the other kids over at the house.

4. They refer to you as a “cuck” when you put on FOX News.

5. They refuse to do their chores because it is the current year.

6. They’ve carved ancient Nordic symbols into their wrists that “normiefags like you wouldn’t understand.”

7. You find a “Make America Great Again” hat which is hidden inside their sock drawer.

8. They refer to their curfew as “the downfall of Western civilization.”

9. When you ask them which Disney or Pixar character they want to show up to their birthday party, they scream at you and say: “I only want Pepe!”

10. They have a dartboard of The National Review on the wall above their bathroom nitelight.