Trigger Warning is a California LLC that was started in 2015 by Rachel Haywire of Humanity+ and the Extreme Futurist Festival. It is a new media entity that houses a unique network of writers, artists, journalists, and cultural innovators; offering a provocative alternative to the paradigm of our current media narrative. It is a platform for controversial and thought-provoking material, expanding into the physical space for private parties and intellectual salons.

We are an organization for ideological deviants who realize that most other deviants and intellectuals have now lost their ability to see outside the mainstream box of political correctness. We declare that they have lost their radical edge and become slaves to a new type of conformity. Our job is to bring the radical edge back to the intellectual world. We recognize that we now must directly confront the decline that so many sit back and enjoy.

Want to work with us? Write for us? Conspire with us in general? Pitch content and ideas to Articles should be somewhere between 750 and 1200 words. Note that we do not accept fiction submissions.