Trump: Politics of the Spectacle

By Natasha Maria Phoenix

Trump is the embodiment of Poe’s Law. Trump is the embodiment of the Spectacle. Trump is the embodiment of the people and mass media. Trump is the authentic fake, as our society is permeated with the authentic fake.

50 Shades of Boredom

By Marc Elliot

Sex parties. How do they work? No one gave these men a how-to manual and being a pervert doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

Why Have Opinions?

By Robin Hanson

I just surprised some people here at a conference by saying that I don’t have opinions on abortion or gun control. I have little use for such opinions, and so haven’t bothered to form them. Since that attitude seems to be unusual among my intellectual peers, let me explain myself.

Antifeminism is the New Feminism

By Elizabeth Hobson

Rape culture hysteria belies the fact that feminists could not care less about the well-being of women. The feminist addiction to calling out victim blaming is so recklessly absurd, and the logical analysis is suggestive of deliberate victim manufacturing.

Bad Bitches and Disneyland Runaways

By Roxxi Wallace

Whenever one of the Disneyland Runaways shoots their first line of coke, the media goes into a frenzy like piranhas to flesh. They tear the singer apart however they possibly can, which further pushes her towards the Bad Bitch end of the spectrum.

The Revolt Against Trigger Warnings

By Rachel Haywire

With this new free speech rebellion, you have to wonder is if these groups are actually accomplishing anything, or if they are simply making themselves martyrs in a Cultural Marxist wasteland.

The Psychopath’s Case Against Empathy

By Jessica Kelly

Short of flooding the gene pool with other psychopaths like myself, we as a race must learn to turn off our empathy. We must create inertia by refusing to put ourselves in the same shoes that everyone else is trying simultaneously to fit in.

Hatred, Impermanence, and Disability

By Geoffrey Miller

Are disabled individuals toxic? Would the Left prefer us to go away so it can get on with its new project of building a utopian paradise of political correctness? Do we want to live in a society where nobody has to think of something offensive or upsetting again?

Growing Up Transracial

By Keith E. Lee

I began to feel that deep inside of my pale, skinny, uncoordinated frame was a large, athletic Black man just waiting to get out. I had finally decided to get my transrace surgery.

The Media Doesn’t Understand Satanism

By Wrenja Jones

Misrepresentation in the media is not a new thing, but at what point do we push back and demand that these entities not skew information?

Allies or Yes-Men, why I Don’t Much Care for Social Activism

By Trever Bierschbach

It’s impossible to be an ally to the perpetually offended. Even if you try, the moment you step out of line you become a target.

The False Dichotomy of the Sellout vs. the Hipster

By Sara A. Rahman

I wouldn’t trust self-obsessed people who spend copious amounts of time composing photos for their Instagram feed to have any insight into the self-development that others undertake.

Censorship is Censorship is Censorship

By Rory Touhig

Campus conservatives have begun to take up identity politics, and they are working straight out of the Social Justice 101 playbook.

The Devolution of Posthuman Society

By Randy Dethrow

I do indeed believe that “The Singularity” is coming. I just don’t believe that it’s coming to America. What’s coming is a screaming embarrassment to every thinking person. Posthuman society has devolved.

The Necessity of Risk in a World of Loss

By Emilio Pacheco

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